Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Training 8.10.2011

Gorgeous day here. Very warm, but no humidity to speak of. Sun is super-bright despite slight haze. Good day for the beach even though the water is its usual cold temp.

Started with Results and a bowl of Cheerios. Yeah, I know. Did some dynamic work and some bar work.

Bench: 5 sets of 2 reps with 175kg

Finished off with one set of two reps with 200kg using my Slingshot. Wasn't too bad. Still a long way from even my raw record, but I feel ok about it.

Bat wings: love these despite the stupid name. 5 sets of 10 second holds with the same heavy DBs I used last time.

1-arm press: Two 2/3/5 rep sets with a 35kg skinny db

Row x 2
High row x 2
Military press x 2
Front squat x 2
Curl x 2

Yeah, I know, but I want those curls. Did five sets of 2 reps, adding 5kg per side per set. These were oddly easy, I'm sure because of the 2 rep sets. Felt okay after.

10 reps with 200kg (way too easy)
30 reps with 225kg
20 reps with 225kg

Just had to get 50 reps in any combo with the 225kg (495#), so I did it in two sets.

I'd love to chat on but I'm too nauseated. Have a great day.

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