Saturday, July 9, 2011

Training 7.9

Tired, sleepy, but not sore. Been sleeping pretty well lately, though, which is good.

Started with Results and a little protein. Did a little dynamic work and very little bar work. Drank a mix of mostly water with a little maltodextrose in it during. It's a very warm, muggy morning for San Diego, and there is a heavy overcast where I am.

2/3/5 rep scheme with 10kg added each side to last time's weight. Three sets, 10s between the rep sets with 180s between sets. Right shoulder was not happy down deep.

Bat wings: 10 sets of 5s holds with 5s rest between holds. Heavy DBs.

1-arm press: 2/3/5 rep scheme for 3 sets with a heavy DB. Very tough, though not sure why.

Bird dogs

- Rowx5
- Cleanx5
- Front squatx5
- Militaryx5
- Squatx5
- Good morningx5

Two sets of complexes, all with 10kg added to the bar this time, all without putting the bar down until the full complex is finished. 180s between complexes, generally spent sucking wind. My GPP sucks.

Squat: 100kg x 30 reps, 180s rest, 110kg x 30 reps

Second set depth was not particularly consistent or good. Had low back spasms after the first set that abated quickly. Second set suffered from lactic acid. Got it done.

I'm tired. Gotta go eat. Have a great day.

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