Saturday, July 16, 2011

Training 7.16

Drank tequila last night instead of training. Worked first thing today instead.

Started with Results. Drank some Surge Workout Fuel during and Spiked again. Warm day this morning, bluebird skies, and no real breeze to speak of. Wore a knee brace for the hi-rep squats because my right knee was a bit crunchy.

2/3/5 rep scheme with same weight as last time. Three sets, 10s between the rep sets with 180s between sets. Right shoulder was not happy on the last couple of reps of the last set. These were all tough today for some reason.

Bat wings: 5 sets of 5s holds with 5s rest between holds. Heavy DBs, 5# heavier than last time (35kg now). These were easier for some reason. I have to say, I love this, and would love to do a couple of heavy Kroc row sets afterward. I'd increase my poundage on the rows for the complex except that they kill me sucking wind.

1-arm press: 2/3/5 rep scheme for 2 sets with a DB down 5kg to take it easy on my balky right shoulder. Strangely enough, it was too easy, and my right shoulder said nothing to me. Go figure. Back up next time.

Bird dogs Still not sure of the point.

- Rowx5
- Cleanx5
- Front squatx5
- Militaryx5
- Squatx5
- Good morningx5

Three sets of complexes with the same weight as last time. 180s between complexes, generally spent sucking wind. Still, these were easier this time.

Squat: 95 kg x 30 reps + 115kg x 30 reps + 135kg x 30 reps, 180s between each set

These were downright easy too. The last set left me about to faint when I was done for a second or two, but I braced and recovered quickly enough to walk out of the rack. As mentioned, wore a knee brace on my right knee for these. Not sure why these were so much easier today, even on the lungs, but I like it.

Still sweating profusely. Might have to Spike again before the afternoon just to avoid napping mid-afternoon. Going to the Padres game (we have awesome seats) around 4:30, and don't want to be yawning the whole time.

Have a great Saturday. If you know anyone who needs an operations guy, let me know. And yeah, I'll move out of SoCal. Gladly.

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