Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Training 7.6.2011

Used Results, chalk, and that's it. Lifted raw again, including no belt on the squats.

Some dynamic work. It was 6 in the morning and I didn't have enough caffeine in me to feel awake enough for a lot more than that. Did some bar work and foam rolling to get blood moving.

Bench: Started with 145kg for 2 reps/30s rest/3 reps/30s rest/5 reps
Bat-wings: 10x5s hold of scapular pinch with heavy dumbbells
1-arm press: 2 reps/30s rest/3 reps/30s rest/5 reps
Front squatx3
Back squatx3
Good morningx3

I did five sets of complexes, each without putting the bar down, each with a fair amount of weight on a regular bar. As before, the squats were narrow stance, ass to ankles (legit).

Squat: two sets of 30 reps with 100kg on the bar, 3m rest between sets

Wide stance, took them smoothly and slowly. My legs and lungs were screaming. Went as deep as my hammies and glutes would allow, until I felt a significant stretch, well below parallel.

I was so sore after last time that I left an extra day in between. I'm sure I will be sore after this one, but not abusively so. Still, this time my quads were much more taxed, so more than just my adductors will be sore this time. I'll quit waddling someday.

Hope everyone had a great 4th.

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