Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Training 7.12

Started late today, in the afternoon. As COO, I have to forecast company health and mine has a serious cash flow problem in its unrestricted fund pool. As a result, I'm going to have to lay myself off -- it's the only sensible business decision, and it will save a couple of other people's jobs. Sounds noble, huh? Not as noble as it sounds, I suspect. But it means I'm looking for a job soon. No one in my company knows but the CEO, so don't tell.

Whatever the case, I needed to sweat. Hard.

Started with Results. Did a little dynamic work and some bar work. Drank some Surge Workout Fuel during and Spiked. It's very warm and a bit muggy this afternoon, and the sun is beating. Still, it was much cooler outside the rumpus room, so the fan inside was bangin'. Got a good sweat on in a hurry.

2/3/5 rep scheme with 10kg added total to last time's weight (5 per side). Two sets, 10s between the rep sets with 180s between sets.

After the two sets, I dropped the 5 kilos per side and repped out.

Bat wings: 5 sets of 10s holds with 10s rest between holds. Heavy DBs. This was hard this time.

1-arm press: 2/3/5 rep scheme for 2 sets with a heavier DB (up 5kg). Pretty tough.

Bird dogs

- Rowx5
- Cleanx5
- Front squatx5
- Militaryx5
- Squatx5
- Good morningx5

Three sets of complexes with the same weight as last time. 180s between complexes, generally spent sucking wind. I need to start taking evening beach walks, which will delight the wife.

Squat: 115kg x 25 reps X 3 sets, pretty quick

Still sweating profusely and still feel like I'm going to vomit. Just what I needed.

Have a great day.

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  1. Still flabbergasted that I managed to miss the first paragraph of this post!