Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 1 week 13

Cranking the Deftones today, among others. I am barely contained violence today. Somehow I figured by the time I was pushing 50 I would no longer be living in a soap opera, but it turns out it isn't so. I'm just better prepared to deal with the bubbles, I guess. But when my play closes, will I hear, "Well done" or "What the hell was that?" My aggression is barely bottled, and the rumpus room is my welcoming outlet.

Spiked and Torked today, not that I needed it with all this self-indulgent crap.

Drank the Results and Shelby mix as usual and got to it.

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps and did a fair amount of dynamic work. Then warmed up with the bar and got on with growling.

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 8 smooth. All sets were +45kg. Biceps and elbows were good -- no pain, no problem. The first set was quick and mean, the other two fairly deliberate.

Incline bicep curl: 3 x 10 with 30 kilos on the skinny DBs. Biceps felt fantastic. Maybe there's something to this deload and heal business.

Bench press, regular bar: 3 x 10. Took the weight up a few kilos on the first set (210kg) and dropped down to the same weight as last time for the last two sets. Gripped extra wide and took it slow, concentrating on depth and chest. Hard arching kicked off a back pump/spasm that just about made me scream, about halfway up my back in mid-arch. Wow. Had to foam-roll between sets to make it back to the bench.

Standing calf: SSB doggcrapp stylee with a bunch of weight, followed by three sets of 30 deep. Maybe someday I'll see my cutters again.

Worked hard and feel better. No huge gains, but I'm back in the room and will feel it. And everything worked without pain, which rocks.

Can't wait for next.

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