Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3 week 14

Cloudy and a little rainy today -- same as last Day 3. Just cloudy, really, since no one else in America would call this rain. While my Mom and Dad are living in 90 degrees and thunderstorms, I'm here in 65 and cloudy. Whining like a pussboy.

Been a long time, guys. Work and life got in the way, or rather I let them get in the way. I hate that, as this is my mental adjustment time. Sorry, folks; I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again anytime soon. In the meantime, I had to admit to Shelby I've lost two hard-earned pounds. That just sucks. Idiot. Shelby being Shelby told me to get over it and back to work, so that's what I'm doing. I will do better.

Drama in my world rules, and yet none of it is horrible yet. Not sure why I let it own me except that my heart is involved. Gets tough to sack-up sometimes when the problems get too close. Speaking of which, everybody keep Strongman Bob in your thoughts and prayers. Man needs our good vibes sent his way.

Started with AtLarge Results and the usual Shelby mix. Gonna down ice cream and bananas the rest of the evening, damn it.

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps today. Did almost no dynamic work to warm up, but did a lot of bar work. Just too pissed off to wait.

For that matter, really angry in the gym. Wanted to break something. The Chevelle, Deftones, and Drowning Pool probably didn't help anything but moving the weight. Yup.

All sets 5-7 reps, 180s between, all to positive failure (or worse).

Rows: 3 sets x 7 reps. Bench incline was back up to 45 degrees. Bar had 140 kg and I concentrated on a good scapular squeeze at each finish. Super-wide grip. Same as last time, felt great but a little heavy after a long lay-off. Squeezed hard and felt good about it.

Fly fat DB: 3 x 7 with 65 kg and ran them to positive failure. I did sets until I failed again, essentially rest-pause stylee, just like last time. Rep range was 18/14/10 for the three sets, which is a lot better than last time. I'm going to move it up next time and see what happens, same style. Liking this.

Fat rope drag curl: 3 x 7. I used the two-inch rope looped around the handle of one of my fat DBs with 65 kilos loaded and did drag curls. These were fantastic actually, again. Need to go up on this one too, as I did 12 reps on the last set. Felt really good. Now that I'm not throwing a baseball 85 mph all the time, my elbows and biceps are feeling much better. Taking note, though I will go back to throwing. Just have to figure out how to without busting myself up.

Calf: 400# (180kg) on the SSB and doing standing sets of 12 on 2X4s, just like last time. Felt ok. Just wanted to get the reps and stretch in.

Scrapped abs today.

Waiting for the big revelation -- know it's coming, which is a bit like walking train tracks waiting for the train to show up. So long as it doesn't come up behind me.

Love you guys. Finish strong.

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