Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 3 week 13

Started late today due to work and other motivational issues. It's been a tough week, I guess.

A little rainy today, actually. At least rainy by SD standards, which means spitting on occasion.

Started with AtLarge Results and the usual Shelby mix. Shelby wants to tinker more because I have the world's most bizarre metabolism. Nothing seems to make a difference...In&Out double-doubles, here I come... (or not)

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps today.

All sets 5-7 reps, 180s between, all to positive failure (or worse).

Rows: 3 sets x 7 reps. Bench incline was back up to 45 degrees. Bar had 140 kg and I concentrated on a good scapular squeeze at each finish. Super-wide grip. Pretty much the same as last time I did this, which was forever and a day ago. I need a cable row or Swiss bar. One of those is a lot more likely than the other.

Fly fat DB: 3 x 7 with 65 kg and ran them to positive failure. I did sets until I failed again, essentially rest-pause stylee. Rep range was 14/12/10 for the three sets. More mass on the fat dumbbells is tough to manage without db clips, so I keep going this route. I feel pretty blasted when done, but I want more. It's just a lot of weight on the dumbbell handles when I get over about 80 kilos. Color me chicken. So I keep doing this.

Fat rope drag curl: 3 x 7. I used the two-inch rope looped around the handle of one of my fat DBs with 65 kilos loaded and did drag curls. These were fantastic actually. I felt a lot better about the hit than the Scott curls, which worry me about ligaments, tendons, and elbows. I'll keep working these for a while and see what happens.

Calf: 400# (180kg) on the SSB and doing standing sets of 12 on 2X4s.

Not much chat today -- in a bit of a hurry because I started so late. I Spiked to stay awake, essentially, and am still cranked. I love Spike, particularly the orange flavor. Anyway, trying to get blogged before the wife gets home.

Have a great evening.

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