Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 1 week 14

Paid Shelby, so I'm still in the mix there.

I lost something today I didn't know I had. Feels weird to feel loss for something like that. Time under weight gives me the chance to set aside drama, however odd, and do some useful damage.

Drank the Results and Shelby mix as usual and got to it.

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps and did a fair amount of dynamic work. Then warmed up with the bar and got on with it.

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 10 smooth. All sets were +45kg. Everything felt good, quick. I dragged the negatives to add difficulty. Working off some piss and vinegar today. Did four sets rather than three today.

Incline bicep curl: 3 x 10 with 30 kilos on the skinny DBs. Everything felt good, solid. Need to go up next time.

Bench press, regular bar: 3 x 10. Started with last week's high weight and kept it there. Pushed off two fulls sets of ten, got six clean on the last. Felt them all. This was good stuff today for whatever reason. Counting in my head, I think that was 150 kilos on the bar for the work sets. Good stuff.

Standing calf: Straight sets of 50 reps. Getting stronger here but still sporting toothpicks down low.

Sorry the chat has been so self-indulgent lately. Actually, the anger does great things under the bar. Afterward I just really want to sit down and be quiet, which I have to admit is a nice place to be. May have to hit some George Stagg 70 proof tonight to celebrate.

Have a nice evening.

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