Saturday, October 24, 2009

Military press

Today I started back after battling back from flu and in-laws -- it's been close to a month. Nuts.

Boy, it sure felt good to be back. I decided to go straight to deload to get back into the swing of things. I used Biotest SWF during and AtLarge Results before. I used my APT Convict elbow sleeves as well.

90 kg x 5 very easy, used the fat bar
95 kg x 5 still easy
100kg x 5 nicely easy. Maybe I'm not so far out.

75kg x 5 x 10 still w/ fat bar

Supersetted with:
Chins 5 x 12 or to failure
Gironda swings for three sets of 12 with about 20 pounds

Felt great all around -- glad to be back.

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