Friday, October 30, 2009

Deload squat day

The air is still a bit cool in San Diego, which suits me just fine. My little man and wife are off buying pumpkins and I'm trying to get my old butt into the gym for a squat day. As anyone who's followed knows, I was out almost a month with the flu and in-laws (difference? kidding) and have lifted strictly deload weight this week in an effort to avoid incapacitation by DOMS.

I wore my Metal Viking briefs because they're a little looser than my Ace briefs and I wanted to work everything with the lighter weight. Boy did I. I also used AtLarge Results and Biotest SWF before and during. I used my leather Elite belt old-school, adding it when I got over about 60%.

225 kg x 5 easy
245 kg x 5 still easy
265 kg x 5 still easy, though low back was tender

I concentrated on depth, really pushing down. With the briefs and lower weight, I may have tilted forward a little. At least that's what I'm gonna blame the tenderness on even though I've had some SI pain this week. Maybe I'm just getting old.

190 kg squat 5 x 10
lunge SSB (Crepinsek) w/ 50kg 5x 10ea long and deep lunges

I'm pretty meticulous about my lunges and these kicked my butt, literally. I was cramping in my glutes by the fourth set, which made the squats a bit tough. Oh well. Hips seem good, got the glutes going, got a good pump up, and the weight moved easily. All in all, I'm happy with it. I won't be too happy with a sore butt all weekend, but that's life.

Sunday will be back to normal 5/3/1 routines.

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