Monday, October 26, 2009

Deadlift deload

Because I was out for a while with the flu, I'm still using deload weight until I've got a week under my belt. Everything feels good but I'm pretty sore on day 2, so I'm content to continue this way.

Today, as usual, I used AtLarge Results beforehand and Biotest Surge Workout Fuel during. I wore my Metal Viking briefs and Spud, Inc. DL belt. Gotta have my security blanket.

Dynamic warmup today. Been struggling the past couple of nights with SI dysfunction. Saw a fantastic video on youtube that gave me a couple of ways of treating myself, sort of to re-situate my pelvis. Seems to have worked reasonably well last night, as I slept very comfortably. Along with the SI work I've been rolling on a lacrosse ball for soft tissue work. As my dad said when I was a nipper, getting old is tough business.

195 kg x 5 came up fine
215 kg x 5 even better
230 kg x 5 felt these. Not bitterly tough, but low-back said hello.

160 kilo deadlift 5 sets of 8 reps


leg raises to hands on chin bar. I pretty much loathe these, but they help. They weren't helping my back and the belt made them tough when I forgot to loosen it. So it goes.

Had a bit of a headache afterward, but what else can I expect?

Still thrilled to be back at it. Now to put on some mass...

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