Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deload bench day

Beautiful cool day in Sandy Eggo, which means it was in the 60s rather than the 70s. Diegans are huge weather wimps.

It is so good to be back under the bar. I can't tell you how good it feels to hurt by choice. Well,... you know what I mean.

Bench day with deload weight.

Wore APT elbow sleeves and used AtLarge Results and Surge Workout Fuel before and during. Love this stuff.

Used fat bar for bench until the last two sets of 120s.

140 kilos x 5 right shoulder twinged a little
150 kilos x 5 right shoulder still not happy -- otherwise going up fine
170 kilos x 5 went ok. Less shoulder ugliness, though I can tell I'm protecting it

120 kilos x 5 x 10 supersetted w/
fat DB rows w/ 50 kilos

The DB rows aren't going to scare Kroc anytime soon (or anyone else, for that matter), but I loved them. I dropped the last set and picked up a 30kg set to do posterior delt fly movement. Felt great.

My benches were unsettled by the shoulder issue. I just didn't feel strong, and I felt like I was protecting the right shoulder the whole way. I don't think I descended the bar the same way on the right and left sides even. Not happy with that. Should get back to dynamic shoulder warmup rather than the slam-bam way I did it today, huh?

Going to add a squat day with deload weight, which I never do. I usually go right back into the cycle, but want the work on my legs before getting back into serious grunt. We'll see.

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