Saturday, June 18, 2011

Training 6.18

Finally getting around to posting again. Sorry to have been absent, but life got in the way of communicating with the rest of the world.

Started with some dynamic work, Results, and some bar work. Wore wrist wraps and belt for the squats.

Plan was to feel it. That's about it. I wanted to combine some push and pull, get my squats in, and hurt a bit. My doc and I have been monkeying with my hormones (welcome to old(er) age, pukes) and I promptly lost ten pounds. Back to eating and training twice as hard.

But before that, I need to get comfortable with where I am, as I can't afford injury. So my plan is to stick with the plan, get a feel for where my body is, and then get after it.

To it.

Military press: 130 kg DC style; got 18 reps and then 6

Feel pretty good about that. No pain even though I've been throwing BP constantly for the kid's LL All-Star team. They won't go all the way, but I still have to wing it hard.

High pulls: Just a couple of 45s on a bar, just to get a feel for them. Did a lot of sets of 8. My traps are screaming now, as were the tops of my forearms (oddly).

Squat: regular back squats, wide stance, low bar; lots of sets of 5 with 265kg.

Feeling it out. We'll see how it goes. Got annual audit starting soon, so morning workouts are a requirement.

Have a great day.

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