Saturday, May 21, 2011

Training 5.21

Still need to get my head on straight before I re-enter the program, so I went at it in a mode similar to last time.

Started with Results, a fair amount of dynamic work, and a lot of bar work. I wore knee sleeves and neoprene on the wrists. Used my leather EliteFTS belt for squats.

Again, went at it DC style. Loaded the bar with 200kg and did 10 reps for my first set and 4 for my second. Felt it all in my pecs, which is unusual -- usually it's triceps. Not sure I left anything in the tank.

Suitcase lifts
I did these in between sets of everything else. Used the fat DBs with what was on one -- looked like about 120#. I lowered to my knee on the drop side and lifted as far as possible. Did sets of 10. These were more difficult than anticipated, particularly for grip. Lost count of sets after about 5 -- did a lot.

Dropped the weight 10 kg each side and used the same approach as last time, hitting bigger rep numbers each set. Sucked serious wind.

All in all, a really good time. I'll probably get back in tomorrow, so we'll see how sore I am after this.

Have a great day.

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