Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deadlift day + smolov day 1

Warm day today -- gorgeous. Got a baseball game this afternoon and lots to do, so this will be short.

Started the usual way but with dynamic work and very little bar work. Wore loose briefs for the whole kiboodle, knee sleeves, leather belt. Wore my Ace squatter with the straps down for the squats, just because I wanted to.

200kg x 5
210kg x 5
220kg x 5

Heavy, but manageable.

Seated SSB Good Mornings
Bunch of weight x sets of 20, bunches. Love these.

4 sets of 9 reps with 310kg.

Weight came up quickly and smoothly. Felt great, actually.

Have a great day, folks.


  1. Great training, my friend. I'm envious of your health & the numbers you consistently put up.

  2. Thanks, Bob. Pretty sore today, though.